Syncopated scores in three, five and seven beats.


Syncopated scores in three, five and seven beats.

Jacques-François JUSKOWIAK and Daniel DUMOULIN.

124 pages of syncopated rhythmic reading exercises for drummers but also for the rhythmic work of all instrumentalists.

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This book is inspired and is an extension of the Syncopated 1 Bis Solfeggio of the Dante Agostini methods. The chaptering of this book is done by metrics: 3/4, 5/4, 7/4, 7/4, 5/8, 7/8 which are divided for each of them into letters A, B, E. They correspond to different types of difficulties.

- A: Very syncopated scores
- B: Very airy partitions
- E: Scores for more traditional writing

For drummers and percussionists, you can draw inspiration from the exercises in Volume III of the Dante Agostini methods, the Agostini Drums System n° 2 of Jacques-François Juskowiak and Olivier Lacau and the Drums Pattern of Dominique Marseille to practice this collection. For non-drummers, you can use this book to work on your reading in these metrics. We advise you to follow a B, E, A order. You can then attach a simple or more complex ostinato on one hand and read with the other, or use hands and voice in the same logic.

About the authors

Jacques-François JUSKOWIAK
Began his drumming career in 1967 in Jacques Hélian's orchestra, then accompanied many French stars as a drummer and conductor. Professor at the National School of Music of Créteil. Director of the Dante Agostini School in Paris.

A student of the Dante Agostini Paris school and Jacques-François Juskowiak, he founded the Dante Agostini Toulouse school in 1989. A lecturer at the Jean Jaurès University in Jazz, he is the author of various books dealing with the world of drums.


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