Debussy Rêverie
  • Debussy Rêverie

Debussy Rêverie


Claude Debussy. Rêverie (Album of five pieces for piano). Transcription for harp, flute and cello.

Conductor and separate flute and cello parts.


Collection Gioccarpa

Claude Debussy's "Rêverie" is a beautiful and atmospheric piano piece from his "Album de cinq pièces pour piano". This piece has been transcribed for harp, flute, and cello, offering a new and enchanting interpretation of the original work.

The transcription captures the dreamy and evocative quality of the original, with the delicate interplay between the three instruments creating a lush and mesmerizing sound. The harp provides a rich and textured foundation, while the flute and cello weave intricate melodies and harmonies around it.

If you're looking for a captivating and emotive addition to your chamber music repertoire, the transcription of "Rêverie" for harp, flute, and cello is an excellent choice. This arrangement showcases the talents of each musician while bringing a fresh perspective to Debussy's classic work.

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