Ludik 4 piano pieces
  • Ludik 4 piano pieces
  • Ludik 4 piano pieces
  • Ludik 4 piano pieces
  • Ludik 4 piano pieces
  • Ludik 4 piano pieces

Ludik 4 piano pieces


Rose-Marie JOUGLA  « LUDIK » 4 piano pieces
« Une étrange sieste »
« Le cabri »
« Jeu de touches »
« Cool Music »


These pieces in difficulty start at fairly easy to medium difficult.They are not what one would consider easy on the contrary the goal is to play them perfectly down to the smallest detail.The main difficulties are the exact Tempi are to be respected in order to control the difficulties related to the runs.The musicality at the forefront requires several styles of expressive attack techniques which will highlight the artistic qualities of the musician.

Skill and independence are required in each piece and that will help the artist make excellent progress.

“A strange nap” is to be played with character and humor.
(Level of difficulty 5 ½ / eight; timing: 03’30’’).
“Le cabri” frolic with relatively classical writing and harmonies.
(difficulty: 5 /8; timing: 03’45’’).
“Game of keys” is an invitation to dance where the black keys are the focal point.
(difficulty: 6 /8; timing: 04’).
“Cool Music” a short piece and jazz style will be a haven of peace for performer and listener, a real pleasure for a possible “relaxing” encore.
(difficulty: 5 /8; timing: 01’30’’).


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