Automnales 3 pièces pour piano


3 pieces for Piano by Rose-Marie Jougla

« L’oiseau du lac » « Terres de brumes » « Croque-Rêves »

Each piece requires good technique and expression. Difficulties: 5 ½, 6 and 6 ½/8.

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"L’oiseau du lac": trills, regularity of execution in spite of alternating hands, glissandos, speed or musicality describe the bird coming to bathe, then flying away, leaving the lake alone in the expectation of a new visit.

"Terres de brumes": of a rather slow tempo, muffled and airy sounds require an excellent control of the sound with sometimes a little faster technique for some passages, this, in order to create by a "suspended and misty touch" the so particular atmosphere of the autumn mists.
The chords symbolize the earth.

The subway is the "Croque-Rêves": fast with a very precise technique, rather difficult movements because of the exact tempo to respect. The middle part, slower, allows the "dream" moment: a song accompanied by arpeggios highlighting all the expressive qualities of the interpreter; but the thoughts fly away to return to reality with a fast and "infernal" tempo.

These three pieces were inspired by events experienced by the composer.

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