The harp at the heart of the orchestra Vol II Part 1 & 2


The Harp at the heart of the Orchestra - Volume 2 For Two Harps
Second volume in two parts of a series dedicated to the contextualization of the harp in the orchestra. Excerpts selected and commented by Elisabeth Colard.
Multilingual edition in French and English.

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After Volume I  devoted to the main excerpts required at orchestral auditions, Elisabeth Colard's new volume focuses on excerpts in which the two harps are complementary, always presented in their musical context.
This new tool for young harpists will allow them to work by: listening to each other, on synchronization between parts, sound balance, understanding  the leadership role of the first harp and the responsiveness of the second harp to his/her proposals, while at the same time discovering the demands and pleasures of playing together.
Volume II is presented in two parts: the first from Bartok to Ravel and the second from Strauss to Wagner.  It is published in a bilingual French & English format.


  • Reference LHSO II part 1&2

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